Of all your articles thus far, this is my favorite. You can even write your own! *headdesk*.

Do you know this diet website?

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Well, let's face it. Zig-Zag was by far my favorite character.

I definitely prefer the "Recobbled Cut" version of the movie.
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In an ancient city, a timid shoemaker's apprentice named Tack falls for the lovely and adventurous Princess Yum Yum. Have we made any mistakes... or do you have any additional information about The Thief And The Cobbler? His best friend is a cunning thief who never speaks.

I don't care if it's butchered or not. The two band together to overcome the evil vizier Zigzag when he tries to seize...  (more), "The Princess And The Cobbler" and "Arabian Knight.

Those reading my comment who know the story behind the film's production will argue that Fred Calvert ruined the film, but that's beside the point, Richard gave Disney "Roger Rabbit" (which by the way won 4 Oscars), and this was how they repaid him.

In an ancient city, a timid shoemaker's apprentice named Tack falls for the lovely and adventurous Princess Yum Yum. The film...  (more), Sorry, we do not have a video of The Thief And The Cobbler. "MIRAMAX®" and the "Miramax" logo are the registered trademarks, trademarks and service marks of Miramax, LLC. When a bumbling thief manages to steal the enchanted golden balls that protect the city, Tack and the Princess must courageously defeat the evil wizard Zig Zag and save their beloved city from destruction.

Raw honey is a good source of softening the skin very quickly and it also works as anti-bacterial.

For some reason that reminds me of internet search engine results from like 10 years ago, where if you typed in any subject, like "Ninja Turtles" for example, it would come up with this listing for "Ninja Turtles ate my balls".

UPLOAD AN IMAGE SUBMIT A VIDEO OR MOVIE CLIP ADD … Arabian Knight. Feature Length Animated Film Feature; Allied Filmmakers, Majestic Film; Animation Studio: Wang Film …

Please help support BCDB with a donation or a subscription to the website.Be sure to note your username in your donation and we will remove all ads on the site! Arabian Nights ABC Movie WOC 2000 05. Cory (coming back from the 50's): Shawnzie?

wasn't this the "thief and the cobbler"??

GENTLEMAN BRIGGS BUNTY'S BOOTY CRACKING COLLECTIBLES _____ ABOUT ME CONTACT ME DISCLAIMER _____ The Thief and the Cobbler (1995… eh? Titanic the animated movie?! Vote Now! Arabian Knights is an animated segment of The Banana Splits Adventure Hour, created by Hanna-Barbera Productions.The series is based on the Arabian Nights, a classic work of Middle Eastern literature. In fact, I love it. Arabian Knight (1995) MAIN Links. Visually stunning with a good story as well. 1995 73 minutes.

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

It's sad to see what became of Richard Williams' animated epic.

But whether it was a hit or not, I still like it.

FUCK YOU DISNEY!!! MOVIE TOONS animated films & shorts TV TOONS animated series TOON MAKERS animation studios & people IT'S A PUPPET! Unfortunately, I've heard that our version, The Thief and The Cobbler released in 1995 by Miramax Films (now The Weinstein Company) is inferior to Arabian Knight and The Princess and the Cobbler. Better write in your own words or V-Head will getcha.

In the ancient Golden City of Baghdad, a shy cobbler struggles to make a living, and to express his love for the princess Yum-Yum.

Music Screenplay Info Original Print Info Genre User Reviews Other Reviews Articles Money Awards Quotes Trivia Home Video Reviews Misc Notes Alternate Versions Theatrical Aspect Ratio Fan Sites.

All I can say is that this is one of the reasons why I hate Disney, because they took Dick's film, borrowed several elements from it and used it for "Aladdin", then they ruined it and dumped it into theaters to make a quick buck ($300,000 to be exact). Overview Full Credits Full Synopsis. The cast includes Henry Corden, Paul Frees, Frank Gerstle, Shari … BCDB Rating: 2.5 / 5 Stars from 4 users. I got interested in this movie after a seeing a small clip that was shown last year at the Holland Animation Film Festival by Robert Stevenhagen, one of the animators on the opening sequence of "Who Framed Roger Rabbit", who personally knows...  (, The Thief And The Cobbler (The Princess And The Cobbler , Arabian Knight) (1995) Feature Length Theatrical Animated Film.
string, hand & finger puppets COMICS characters, strips & comic books TOON GODS British animators & illustrators RESOURCES FLEETWAY ST.

The writing is not that great but the content is. Wasn't this movie called "The Princess and the Cobbler"?O_o I also don't remember Tack or the Thief talking all that much...Tack only spoke at the very end didn't. and it grossed just about $600,000. We want to know what you think, too!! Go to the Internet Movie Database Laserdisc Database Amazon.com Buy posters from Allposters.com buy posters from moviegoods buy this soundtrack from cdandlp.com Search eBay for Arabian Knight : Arabian Knight (1995) Composer(s): Robert Folk Norman Gimbel (songs) Released in: 1995 Country: Canada, United States, Great Britain Genre: Animation: Also known as: Princess And The Cobbler … Movie25 - Watch First Knight (1995) Full Movie Online Free - Plot unknown. [url=http://dietalowcarbja.com.br]Dietalow carb já[/url] If not, should take a look, is very good. Do you have anything to add to this page?

I've heard of this film before and the story behind its production and release intrigues me. Feel free to share your own opinion- we do want to hear from you! Arabian Knight (1995, Miramax) The Miramax cut includes all changes made in the Allied Filmmakers cut.

Never seen this version of the movie. ", Richard Williams started this ambitious animated film way back in 1968.

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