Mesa Verde is not for summer visitors only. precipitation in Jan: January, Feb: February, ...Jan: January, Feb: February, ...Ja: January, Fe: February, ... © US Climate Data 2020 | version 3.0 | by Your Weather Service |, Past weather December 2019 incomplete - Missing data, Average precipitation in : Av.

The average annual percentage of humidity is: 66.0% More Climate Information For Sacramento Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Sacramento . Weather and Climate offers all the information you need to know about the climate in Sacramento. Please note: these are the average peak daytime temperatures (usually around mid-afternoon) so do not show daytime / night highs and lows. Dew Point: 76 °F. Dew Point: 47 °F.


A monthly average windspeed of over 16km/h or 10mph suggests a location is fairly windy. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is Csa. Wind: 6 mph.

high : Average high in ºF - Av.low : Average low in ºF - Av.

Visibility: 9 mi. Low Temp: 38 °F.

On average, July is the least humid month. To see the daily range of temperatures have a look at the temperature max / min chart below. This is most well-known festival in the world; Burning Man. Get notified about our newest bucket list destinations and more!

Precipitation: 12.02" Humidity: 87%. offers the average Sacramento relative humidity chart that displays the annual and monthly humidity percentages for Sacramento and dozens of other cities. We collected past weather data from many thousand weather stations around the world. The bar chart below shows the average monthly peak daytime temperatures at Sacramento.

Station Data.

Curious what the average weather is like in Sacramento in a specific month? In Sacramento, the average percentage of the sky covered by clouds experiences significant seasonal variation over the course of the year. Average Relative Humidity. The average annual percentage of humidity is: 66.0%. All Year Climate & Weather Averages in Sacramento.

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In winter, there is much more rainfall in Sacramento than in summer. The festival is on its way to its tenth year in 2020. Ball was the original festival of Randall's Island and the first large-scale music festival of NYC. By Sacramento standards, summer is the most humid season, but it rarely exceeds 30 percent.

Map showing location of Sacramento (38.58157, -121.4944). The best time to travel to Grand Teton National Park is from June to September. Gov. This nation-wide website presents information about the weather and climate for almost every country around the world.Learn more. Average monthly temperatures in Sacramento (degrees centigrade and fahrenheit) Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec °C: 11.2: 15.3: 17.4: 21.1: 26: 30.3: 33.6

Capelin Volcano is an amazing day trip, or a star gazers nighttime dream. Every July you can go to the underwater festival in Florida. Wind: 5 mph. High Temp: 85 °F. Mean Temp: 62 °F. Low Temp: 75 °F. Even the hottest days cool off in the evening, and it's the perfect time … You will never forget a trip to the Grand Canyon. Humidity: 63%.

In winter you’ll see another, quieter side of the park with mid-february the most likely snowshoeing time.

Monthly averages Sacramento Longitude: -121.493, Latitude: 38.5125 Average weather Sacramento, CA - 95822.

So find on this website the historical weather averages in other cities in United States of America and climate and forecast data for all other countries in the world.

: Average precipitation in inch - DP : Days with precipitation - Sun : Hours of sunshine, Monthly averages SacramentoLongitude: -121.493, Latitude: 38.5125Average weather Sacramento, CA - 95822, Monthly: 1981-2010 normalsHistory: 2007-2019. © 2010-2020 World Weather & Climate InformationAll rights reserved.

Nearly five hundred divers and snorkelers enjoyed music between the coral reef and fish. The graph below shows the daily range of temperatures for each month.

Grand Teton National Park dominates the landscape with its amazing rough, snow-capped peaks that suddenly rise out of the heavens. Sacramento climate summary The Sacramento lies on 16m above sea level Sacramento's climate is classified as warm and temperate. In the middle of the Black Rock Desert every year a surreal city arises, the third largest city in Nevada complete with 50,000 inhabitants. The dry season is from November to April making it the best time to visit the Everglades National Park. The graph below shows the average wind speed.

High Temp: 92 °F. : Average precipitation in inch - Days precip.

Mean Temp: 80 °F. One of 117 US National Monuments, so as to preserve the site for as long as humanly possible. Pressure: 29.84 "Hg. Av. : Hours of sunshine, Hi : Average high in ºF - Lo : Average low in ºF - Pre.

The bar chart below shows the average daily sunshine hours in Sacramento.

Monthly: 1981-2010 normals Average yearly relative humidity (%) Daily Place Morning Afternoon; Southern California: 53: Bakersfield: 66: 38: 67: Long Beach: 77: 53: 71: Los Angeles: 75: 64: 69: San Diego: 74: 62: 71: Santa Barbara: 79: 60: 76: Santa Maria: 85: 61: Northern California: 61: Fresno: 75: 40: 67: Sacramento: 80: 46: 74: San Francisco: 82: 61: 63: Stockton: 77: 45 Average precipitation in : Av. The graph below shows the average rainfall and number of rainy days per month. The graph below shows the average relative humidity.

The average annual temperature in Sacramento is 15.9 °C | 60.7 °F. The graph below shows the average sea temperature. This famous national park of America is considered one of the 7 world wonders and is one to add to your bucket list. Staying in Sacramento? : Days with precipitation - Hours sun. This is a highlight of your trip and something you must add to the bucket list. The weather today in Sacramento:


Pressure: 30.00 "Hg. Precipitation: 0.63". Sacramento Relative Humidity (Morning) Sacramento Relative Humidity (Afternoon) 83%. Subscribe to our newsletter.

The mean monthly relative humidity over the year in Sacramento (California), United States of America.

Quick Climate Info; Hottest Month: May (84 °F avg) Coldest Month: January (79 °F avg) Wettest Month: December (12.02" avg) Windiest Month: January (7 mph avg) Annual precip. December Climate & Weather Averages in Sacramento. Show in Celsius.

precipitation in.

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