Inglewood had the highest percentage of registered Democrats of any place in California. Ideological and partisan divides are stark. Likely voters are disproportionately white; Democratic likely voters are more diverse.
Percentages of party members with respect to registered voters follow. Giving Circles You can always choose to vote for a candidate from any party in a general election, like a presidential, congressional, or mayoral election.

Further, of the ten highest-income counties in California by per capita income, all but Placer County, Orange County and El Dorado County had more registered Democrats than Republicans. Voter Registration Statistics. Most independent likely voters lean toward a major party. Race and Voting in California, Donate Now California’s Independent Voters
As a percentage of registered voters, Democrats comprised 19.54 percent more of the electorate than Republicans did. The following is a list of California locations by voter registration. The party affiliation on your voter registration does not limit you to voting for just that party., Millennial Voters and California Politics, How Greater Vote-by-Mail Influences California Voter Turnout. Sources: Seven PPIC Statewide Surveys from September 2019 to July 2020, including 11,725 adults and 7,243 likely voters. For more information on voter registration and voting locations, contact your local county elections official. The ten places with the highest percentage of registered Democrats all had high percentages of minorities (see California locations by race) and relatively low levels of income. California Secretary of State, Report of Registration, August 2020. Of those registered voters, 8,612,368 (43.11 percent) were registered Democrats, and 4,709,851 (23.57 percent) were Republicans. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. The Secretary of State is responsible for producing a statistical report detailing voter registration numbers in California. Not sure what county you live in? Millennial Voters and California Politics American Community Survey, 2011 American Community Survey 5-Year Estimates. Democrats and Republicans tend to live in different parts of the state. Your party affiliation is usually only important in primary elections.

Population for this city obtained by summing the populations of. On the other hand, Marin County, the highest income county in California by per capita income, had many more registered Democrats than Republicans. NOTES: “Likely voters” are registered voters meeting criteria on interest in politics, attention to issues, voting behavior, and intention to vote. Eight in ten eligible adults (83%) are registered to vote in California as of July; this is a notable increase from the registration rate in July 2016 (73%), the year of the last presidential election.

US Census Bureau, 2014–2018 American Community Survey. U.S. Census Bureau. Anyone distributing voter registration cards in California should be familiar with the rules and regulations for conducting voter registration drives. Registration Deadline. The ten counties with the highest percentage of registered Republicans are relatively small, with an average population of 91,776, and all are landlocked. The following is a list of California locations by voter registration..

In February 2019, California had 19,978,449 registered voters, comprising 79.09% of its total eligible voters. Simply enter your zip code with the U.S. Census Bureau or call our voter hotline at (800) 345-VOTE.. For a full description of these criteria and regional definitions, visit,, Wikipedia articles in need of updating from February 2018, All Wikipedia articles in need of updating, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 15 October 2020, at 19:39. Percentage of registered voters with respect to total population. Voter Registration Drives. U.S. Census Bureau.

2010 Census Summary File 1, Table P1. Sponsorships, Informing and improving public policy through independent, objective, nonpartisan research, Supported with funding from the James Irvine Foundation, All Contents © Public Policy Institute of California 2020 |. Voter registration is up; the shares of Democrats and independents have increased. The two smallest counties in California by population also had the highest percentage of registered voters; Sierra County had the highest percentage, with 73.1 percent of its population registered to vote. Kings County had the lowest percentage of registered voters, with just 34.7 percent of its population registered to vote. For race and ethnicity, results are presented for Latinos, non-Hispanic whites, non-Hispanic Asian Americans, non-Hispanic African Americans, and non-Hispanic “other race” and multiracial adults. Demographic characteristics of likely voters vary across parties. In February 2019, … California’s Likely Voters

Grants If you are registering or re-registering less than 15 days before an election you will need to complete the Same-Day Voter Registration process and request your ballot in person at your county elections office or polling location. Of the ten places in California with the highest percentage of registered Republicans, most have incomes above the state average (see California locations by income). But in yet another reversal, the place with the highest percentage of registered Republicans was Villa Park, which also has very high levels of income. California Voter and Party Profiles Voter registration is up; the shares of Democrats and independents have increased. Similarly, the counties with the ten lowest percentages of registered voters are all relatively small and landlocked, with the exception of Monterey County. The county with the highest percentage of registered Republicans was Modoc County, with registered Republicans comprising half of the registered voters.

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