please do your own... As it was noted that we should see higher value in this range and price not fall below 200 days moving average. Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA.AX) (ASX:CBA) posted its earnings results on Wednesday, August, 7th.

P.S: please note these are my personal notes for my future... if today's price closes at or below 69.00 then tomorrow we should see higher volume between 69.11 to 67.70 range. please do your own research before entering into any trade.

The shock forecasts were contained in a Powerpoint slide for CBA's investor presentation. 3. most of the volume is in the range of $70.80 - $72.20 range which is above 200 days moving... if we have price /volume comparison, it's pretty obvious that market likes the price between following ranges based on volume: Your personal objectives, financial situation or needs have not been taken into consideration. 70 - 72 range

These are the amounts the banks think will be needed to have on hand to deal with the slew of loans that turn bad and obviously these numbers can go further up or down if circumstances change.

Commonwealth as the largest bank has set aside the most at $1.5 billion, which takes total provisions for bad and doubtful debts to $6.4 billion. It may look like the banks are trying to outdo each other with pessimism but, in reality, these sorts of predictions are vital in banking, which is a highly leveraged business that always needs to assume the worst and hope for the best.

There is so much we don’t know about the long-term behaviour of this virus and with the production of any vaccine – if indeed one can be produced – quite a way into the future, this sort of uncertainty will be with us for some time. He has covered a wide range of small and large cap ASX stocks and has a special interest in mining, technology and biotech. I think if we are holding then we should just simply hold on to it and wait for the price to touch $80.00 range. stage 1: 67.70 zone since today's run was reasonably good after 5 days of price correction. please do your own research before... i think currently market is trying to consolidate and soon it will resume up trend and bulls will take control of market, because: next considerable support zone are 67.50, 65 - 64 then 62 - 61. That is preventing a rapid drop in prices because there is no great number of unsold properties weighing down the market but the real test will be where unemployment lands after the crisis and particularly when the Federal Government’s Job Keeper and Job Seeker stimulus payments end.

If we manage to keep the virus under control with only limited outbreaks and workplaces begin to return to some sense of normality by June or July, then maybe even the base cases the banks have assumed will turn out to be pessimistic. 70 - 71 range (current range) P.S: Not a trading advise, my own notes for learning and future reference. The company reported $4.81 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter, beating analysts' consensus estimates of $4.76 by $0.05. I would be keeping an eye on tomorrow's market... Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD), DAILY ANALYSIS commonwealth bank of australia, let it settle down and trade come to you ~ $72.00, Prive Volume Analysis - $77 - $78.50 range is possible, just hold on to it and wait for $80 range, we should see high volume between 69.11 to 67.70.

View Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA…

Not sure if we retest March lows, but at least another 5%-10% to go, Hi friends 67-69 range 2. He has covered Federal politics in Canberra, was Los Angeles Bureau chief for News Limited and was also chief of staff for the Herald Sun. P.S: please note these are my own notes for future reference, by no means trading advise to anyone. I think we should cash some profits at $75.00 range. “We entered into a six month repayment deferral, at the three month mark we will communicate with our customers to understand what their current economic circumstances are and clearly for those who are able to return to work and who can start repaying their mortgage then we would encourage them to do so,” he said.

Small Caps or an associate may receive a commission for funds raised. Free independent share market investing advice from The Motley Fool. Current price. please do your own research before entering into any trade. 67-69 range It was far from alone with this sort of scenario – National Australia Bank (ASX: NAB) also ran a prediction, which assumed a fall of about 30% in property prices. The open question is what happens when those payment deferrals come to an end in September and that is a scenario that is very difficult to predict given the unusual nature of the COVID-19 pandemic which has stalled so much of the Australian economy. p.s: please note these are my personal notes and by no means trading/ investment advise to anyone. It's still in bearish trend, though on daily chart touching 200 days moving average. 70 - 72 range based on last … I think now we should soon see price going up to 73.30. This would produce the average 32% fall in house prices. Small Caps is Australia's #1 site for market news & information on ASX listed small cap companies. John is a highly experienced business journalist and formerly chief business writer for the Herald Sun. I think, it's pretty evident that price likes the range of $80.00. I think it would be good idea to load up some shares at around 67.70.

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