Classical archaeology commonly draws on information provided by ancient texts - principally written in Ancient Greek and Latin - and thus falls within the compass of historical-periods archaeology (while also including prehistoric archaeology in the eastern and central Mediterranean). In one myth the famous huntsman Actaion stumbled upon Artemis while she was bathing. At a very basic level, a myth is a story. However, a myth is a special kind of story. In any case, the archaeologist is never content simply with discovering things and assigning dates and names to them.

Hera contrived to delay his birth until the next day. He was famous as a healer of disease. Roads also ran from Korinth to the ports at Lechaion and Kenchreai, and an important road probably connected Lechaion directly with the harbor at Kenchreai. Despite all this detail, and often-tiresome study, the work of the archaeologist can still be exciting. A student who completes the PhD Program should be qualified for a faculty position in classical archaeology at a college or university and/or a curatorial appointment in Greek/Roman antiquities at a museum. And at every turn the archaeologist is face-to-face (or hand-to-hand) with the people of antiquity, walking where they walked, touching things they touched, and oftentimes seeing things that have not been seen for thousands of years. Classical archaeology commonly draws on information provided by ancient texts - principally written in Ancient Greek and Latin - and thus falls within the compass of historical-periods archaeology (while also including prehistoric archaeology in the eastern and central Mediterranean).

Others have concluded that myths are a form of history, that behind every myth there is a kernel of truth waiting to get out. In his play Helen, Euripides feared that as an adulteress who deserted her husband, Helen of Troy would not be a very sympathetic character. Beyond these typical forms of economic endeavors, the individual in ancient Greece could use the land in a number of other ways. Rather, archaeologists constantly seek to use these bits of information to try to understand details about life in the past: how people worshipped, how they worked, how they died, and many more things besides. The whole of the Mediterranean area is seismically active, the result of large- and small-scale tectonic movements, especially the movement of the African plate to the north, toward Europe. A changing climate could demand the adaptation of any particular region to those changes, either by forging human ties and relations (e.g., trade/ exchange networks) or by encouraging revolutions in technology. Aphrodite was the goddess of erotic love. He later got revenge by giving her as a gift an elaborately crafted throne which trapped her when she sat in it. One of the most famous temples was at the southern tip of Attica, at Cape Sounion. Odysseus, for example, angered the sea god Poseidon when he blinded Poseidon’s son, the cyclops Polyphemus. The steep mountains and rocky outcroppings that divide the plains of Greece might also be useful areas to graze animals and could provide a variety of raw material like stone and timber (less available after the Bronze Age) for construction, and precious metals like silver for currency. In both cases this provides tuition remittance, health benefits, and a substantial stipend. As time progressed, mythos more and more implied “hard-to-believe stories” so that by the time of Plato (early fourth century B.C.) Many an ambitious ruler dreamed of cutting a canal through to connect the seas, and both the Hellenistic monarch Demetrius Poliorcetes and the Roman Emperor Nero actually began digging. Eurystheus would eventually make Heracles a vassal and force him to perform his famous twelve labors. The shape and size of a building is an important clue to its identification, but the kinds of objects found in and around a building are also significant: thus, expensive objects such as gold and luxurious furnishings suggest a place of special importance, while simple cooking pots or handmade pottery may indicate a building of modest purpose. Objects for religious use, such as statues or small “votives” that were gifts for the gods suggest religious activity of some kind.

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