A. Dad wants to teach him that getting to know the person you think is your enemy will change how you feel about him.

A. Weeds from the garden, earthworms, and chewed gum. NO Answer Key. Enemy Pie could smell horrible. What kind of things did the boy think went into Enemy Pie?

He wanted to eat the pie himself. After a brief group discussion, read “Enemy Pie”. Jeremy was no longer his enemy.

But I don’t know if I’ll ever get an answer, because I just lost my best enemy. B. Derek Munson Enemy Pie San Francisco, Chronicle Books, 2000

answer choices .

answer choices .

Answer Key (1) Can't Miss Teaching Extras Learn More Learn all ... Baking the Enemy Pie is really a way to get his son to spend time with Jeremy.

I still wonder if enemies really do hate it or if their hair falls ou t or their breath turns bad.

His dad changes his mind and doesn't make the pie ... At dinner, why did the boy begin to think he and his dad should forget Enemy Pie?

What was it? They will then create a recipe for Friendship Pie using some of the qualities from the board. One question deals with character traits of Jeremy Ross, Dad, and the narrator and the last question asks students to put 4 events of the plot in sequential order. This quiz is over Enemy Pie, by Derek Munson and is 4 questions long. 5.

Jeremy comes to ask him to play.

B. Rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and sour lemons. As for Enemy Pie, I still don’t know how to make it. This picture book companion is filled with comprehension activities, vocabulary practice, two pie crafts, and a game.

Then students will create a list of qualities of a “good” friend, and the list will be written on the board. Ionic Bonding Worksheet Answer Key; ... You can also create a pie chart using the Enemy Pie Printable Worksheet as a learning tool. C. Mud, pickle juice, and yesterday's trash. Dad gave his son a job. Bring in all the weeds from the garden.

Students can work together to make the chart so that they can study the various categories and areas where the different types of …

Have a group discussion about some of the questions below.

Enemy Pie by Derek Munson is one of my favorite picture books to use with my second grade classroom at the beginning of the school year.

Instead of considering him an enemy, you might find out that he’s really a friend.

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