Pulsford. His anticipations were but a dream, founded on self-delusion, and ending in bitter and irretrievable disappointment. "The Resurrection and the Life" stirs in him, saying, "Arise from the dead!" When for a moment he thinks seriously, he finds himself not really happy, and when that hour comes in which the unawakened sinner shall be called into the presence of his Judge, where shall be all the joys either on earth or in heaven, which he promised to himself?

Pulsford.God would not mock man by bidding him to "awake" out of death, and to arise to a new life, if the Awakener were not in the very midst of his soul to help him. But now says Paul and The real ground of men's indifference to this matter is their unbelief. Thou hast been long and often called upon. THE EXHORTATION GIVEN TO SUCH. He is surrounded by dangers which he heeds not; by enemies whom he regards not. We have conscience (which is reason applying things to our case), and can judge of our actions morally considered with respect to reward and punishment, and accuse or excuse as the nature of the action deserveth (Romans 2:14, 15).3. Yon have slept out too much precious time already: "The time past of our life may suffice us" (1 Peter 4:3).4. Finally, it also enlightens them so that they follow the Lord. in mind here its not just that we speak the truth but we live out our lives truthfully. Light is a necessary element in the formation of the fruit of a tree or a plant. I put it to yourselves, which of these statements would produce serenity, and which alarm? They do not really believe what they are told as to their state by nature. )Christ our LightThe motto of the Northcotes is, "The Cross of Christ is my Light. Robertson.A man is out on a night that is as dark as pitch — a lamp is placed in his hand to guide him on his journey. Count your blessings - name them one by one, count your blessings see what God hath done; count your blessings - name them one by one; count your many blessings see what God hath done. Apart from the gospel of Christ we can possess no, true view of life; we are overwhelmed by unsolved mysteries.4. Doth it become any to sleep in your ease, while you know not God to be a friend or an enemy?
It is His wisdom as well as His love that makes Him say it. Our thanksgiving should be…. Therefore we must take in the ether expression to help it. Alienation from the love of God.5. Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Thou art a man, and hast reason, and therefore art to be dealt with by way of exhortations. , and if you can't find the answer there, please )Christ our LightDr. More particularly, the order of this calling is set down in the text, in these two injunctions, "Awake," and "Arise from the dead." Thou hast been long and often called upon. When we are filled with the Holy Spirit our lives will overflow. He is heralded as the Dayspring from on high who shall give light to them that sit in darkness. In Him is light, and they who receive of Him are no longer darkness but "light in the Lord," for in Him "the darkness is past and the true light now shineth."1. The _______________ of the Holy Spirit (5:18, 20), 3B. The light of life.(I. Sermon Ephesians 5:8-14 Live in the Light as Children of Light. It is really a song that relates Biblical concepts. His work is wholly suspended. Chapter 1 Charles Wesley and Early Methodism, Chapter 3 Theological Characteristics and Use of Sources, The Sermons of Charles Wesley: A Critical Edition with Introduction and Notes, Chapter 3 Theological Characteristics and Use of Sources. He is the God of the universe. Pulsford.God would not mock man by bidding him to "awake" out of death, and to arise to a new life, if the Awakener were not in the very midst of his soul to help him. 1. he could not help himself, he did his best." (Bishop Ryle. True gratitude flows from contemplating who God is, and all that He has done on behalf of the human race. Christ will shine upon you and give you light. (1) We are inclined to slumber from the evil of our nature. Light is given in order that we may see where we are and amidst what surroundings we are placed. Hence the exhortation has added to it the necessary promise — "Christ shall give thee light." They will begin to see how sinful their deed is. Proceeding out of this creation of light comes all other creation until the end is reached and man is made in the image of God. The soul's first impulse is to break the spell which binds it. He may be active in worldly matters, and eager for worldly objects; but he has no eagerness, no activity for spiritual concerns. Because he is asleep. We are reduced and brought home to God two ways — either(1)Preparatively and dispositively; or(2)Formally and constitutively.III.

To the blind, indeed, it has no existence, and no explanation of it can make them understand it. We are reduced and brought home to God two ways — either(1)Preparatively and dispositively; or(2)Formally and constitutively.III. The __________________________________ of Our Thanksgiving (5:18-20), 1B. "Christ shall give thee" —1. III. )LinksEphesians 5:14 NIVEphesians 5:14 NLTEphesians 5:14 ESVEphesians 5:14 NASBEphesians 5:14 KJVEphesians 5:14 Bible AppsEphesians 5:14 ParallelEphesians 5:14 Biblia ParalelaEphesians 5:14 Chinese BibleEphesians 5:14 French BibleEphesians 5:14 German BibleEphesians 5:14 CommentariesBible Hub. how delusive is this dream, springing as it does from the sleep of carnal security. How are we dead? "The Resurrection and the Life" stirs in him, saying, "Arise from the dead!" WHAT THE TEXT CALLS US TO DO. Life natural is still left us; there is reason and conscience still to work upon, though we are wholly disabled from doing anything pleasing to God; that is to say —1. Stupidity under the warnings of God's word and providence, indicates such a state of soul as the Scripture compares to sleep. The insidious character of it,(1) A Christian may be asleep and not know it. III. This world, to the believer, is a dark, perplexing labyrinth, and in its mazes he would lose himself for over were it not that ever and anon, at certain turnings in the crooked path, he gets a glimpse of Calvary. A. Alexander, D. D.)Christ the Light GiverThat the great intent of Christ in the gospel is to call people out of their woeful estate by sin into the marvellous light of His salvation. Better never rise in the last day if we be not raised from the death of sin. If nature were well awake, it would disprove your courses as much as religion.

And suppose that while your minds were resting on this last assurance, it should be authoritatively contradicted, and the fact announced, with evidence not to be gainsaid, that this specific, simple and infallibly successful, was beyond the reach of every person present, and could only be applied by a superior power.

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