When it is in conjunction Saturn, it may bring about ruin. The aspects: Vivian Robson seems to be one of the only astrologers to consider that other aspects should be used in addition to the conjunction.

The problem is that this is not a real position, but just a projection on the ecliptic. This is perhaps a somewhat outdated view.

Each successive Jupiter–Pluto conjunction challenges world economies and makes us think: what is money? It is a beneficial star, but when it is in a bad position and not well-aspected, particularly when it in conjunction with Mars, Vega may cause death through animals' venom. I am reposting this for anyone interested in learning a bit more about the points on their chart. Astrologically, Aldebaran is a fortunate star, portending riches and honor. What this means?

Analysing the fixed stars, the astrologer may uncover some previously unknown and unsuspected influences that were very difficult to explain just by working with the planets alone. Sirius, Alpha Canis Majoris, 14°12' Cancer, the brilliant star named the Dog (in ore splendissimus vocata Canis), from Seir, to shine, or Heat wave: according to Ptolemy, Sirius is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter, according to Leowicz, of the nature of Mercury and Mars. Thus, there are 80 constellations, which are regions of the sky, usually measuring between 15 to 40 degrees each (half a sign to one sign and a half). It endows with courage and the will to reign, ambition, and the thirst for power, and it may bring about might and independence. They may also yield good results when used on the progressed chart (secondary progressions). Its current celestial longitude is 09 Ge. The simple method used by Ptolemy was to draw a line from the fixed star to the ecliptic and to assume that projection on the ecliptic is the position (the degree). Free interactive calculation will soon be available on Astrotheme. The most potent angles are, in decreasing order, the MC (Midheaven, or the 10th house cusp), the ASC (Ascendant, or the 1st house cusp), the IC (Imum Coeli, or the 4th house cusp), and the DC (Descendant, or the 7th house cusp). Especially, connecting different angles in order to get a relationship (example: one planet rising and one star culminating) seems a little awkward. Before we provide you with the list of constellations and fixed stars, as an example, we list the 22 1st magnitude stars' position as of March 2009.

Actually, the fixed stars' position move by a few dozens of seconds of arc per year, 50.2 seconds to be more precise, which means one degree every 72 years, approximately. Ancient astrologers held a rather negative view about objects like nebulae, associating their quality of nebulosity with blindness and other physical defects. An additional calculation is needed in order to find out whether the star is really on the horizon plane, regardless of its longitude. The domification: since a star can have a wide latitude, it is important to understand that, even though it has the same longitude as a planet to which it is in conjunction in any given house, the star may be corporally posited in a different house. Each constellation represent a theme, a story, a myth which must be understood in order to understand the meaning of fixed stars. These stars are also very important for astrological analysis, especially when they rise above the horizon, about to set or culminate. The fixed stars aspects is the topic of debates. We are planning to have the fixed stars option ready on Astrotheme, for free, as soon as possible. For instance, for the position of Algol as of 1st January 2000, there is a time-lag of 9 years, 2 months and 5 days as compared to its 5 March 2009 position. mainly the Sun, the Moon, the MC and the ASC, then Mercury, Venus and Mars, as well as the ruler of your Ascendant, the ruler of your luminaries, of your MC, and of the 8th House). If any planet or fixed star is any of this four points in a 24 hours period they make a paran relationship which can be: both rising, one rising, other culminating, both setting etc. Fomalhaut may bring wealth, power, fame, and honour.

Therefore, subtract 9.175 years x 50.2'' = 460.585''= 7.6764 = 7'40.6'', which makes approximately 8 minutes of arc. They symbolise long standing ideas, acts, events, activities which have effects over time.

When it is on the Midheaven, it endows with courage, confidence, boldness, inflexibility, bravery, sturdiness, invincibility, and military honours. In astrology, fixed stars are quite a special subject, a controversial one like for instance the so-called karmic astrology, the meaning of the black Moon, the Lunar Nodes, and the planets' retrogradations. Like Algol, when Aldebaran is in conjunction with the Sun, the Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, sometimes when it is on the Ascendant or ruler of the 8th House, it may cause a violent death, according to Garcoeus. This is the position we find in almost all books, the fixed position: Antares – 9,54 degrees in Sagittarius, Regulus – 0 degree in Virgo etc. The filtering functionality helps to narrow down the search, for example, if only stars of certain magnitudes are of interest. The conjunction of a given fixed star with a planet is thus most likely to have an effect which is in line with its nature and to influence the signification of the planet so aspected.

Spiculum is an evil star and may cause blindness or problems with the eyes. Ancient astrologers certainly had good reasons to do so, and anybody with a passion for astrology can realise that when fixed stars are used, very strange coincidences are bound to be experienced. The fixed stars calculations and interpretations bring a wealth of astrological insights that are of immense help to any practicing astrologer — from beginner to professional. Agena, Beta Centauri, 23°55' Scorpio: according to Ptolemy, Agena (sometimes called Hadar) is of the nature of Venus and Jupiter and favours honour, friendship, morality, the profession, and endows the personality with refinement. One immediate, visible weakness for that system is that, on the sky, the real fixed star and the degree assumed to her will not rise in the same time for the most fixed stars (depends on their celestial latitude). Let’s quickly go over the major three categories…. Altair, Alpha Aquilae, 1°54' Aquarius, the bright one on the head (in scapulis lucidae), from Al Ners-Al-Taîr, the flying eagle, or falcon: According to Ptolemy, Altair is of the nature of Mars and Jupiter. And then, check whether they match your experience! The wheel chart provides a good overview of the aspects but if you need to see the aspects in a list format, head over to “Fixed stars” or “Natal fixed stars” screens that provide a rich reporting functionality. Periods of Mercury retrograde movement are known to coincide with disruptions in communications — both human and technological connections tend to go haywire in a predictably unexpected manner.

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