The new interface is still in Beta, and many things are quite obviously missing (eg. 'Advanced Segments' have had a nice update in Google Analytics v5. Google Analytics is one of the best web analytics tools on the market today.

Not much. First on the list is the free version of Google Data Studio (currently in beta), which is limited to creating five reports per account. If you want to see the live report of your website then Google Analytics will be the right tool for you. Google Analytics analysis can identify websites performing poorly with various techniques such as Funnel visualization, referrers (where visitors came from), how long they stayed on the website and their geographical position. This is nice & simple, and leaves things very scalable for additional elements to be added in future. Supposedly, Chrome works best but if people are using old version of IE, we have lessen the animated effects so that the page loads well. Thanks for the download. Exceptional platform for website and mobile app analytics. Everything works really great and fast that it can be.

This great little profile switcher tool appears at the top-right of every page: You can narrow that by keyword search, hide/unhide accounts, etc.

These can all be used by simple clicks to discover insights once you have everything set up and the data starts coming in. Below is a single example of the many things they've done to address this in the new interface. But, for now at least, if you're looking to do more, then you'll need to either step up to more advanced Google tools or move to a different BI app brand altogether. Google Analytics gives you lots of different views and information on your website usage, with you literally setting up just a few lines of code. Much like the old dashboard, each new dashboard you create is made up of various widgets (or 'gadgets' - they refer to them as both). It shows live reports for a long time even if a visitor spent only a few seconds on website. Explore it all the time as things are always changing.

To be honest, it does everything I need it to do. The Google Analytics sign-up process is relatively easy. Data Studio adds a connector for BigQuery and promises to "soon have connectors to SQL databases that will let you access first party data." There's Google Analytics, the wildly popular and free tool. When you sign up for the service, you'll be asked about data sharing—which, in this instance, means sharing your data with Google, not your coworkers—and those actions are selected by default. As I mentioned in the Microsoft Power BI review, Microsoft is tough to beat in visualizations, plus it's easy to use and oh so open source-friendly these days. Set custom events or page URLs to identify trends that matter.

As just one example to illustrate how you might use the new Custom Reports, here is the setup process for a little report for "Non-Brand Organic Search". If you don't like being tracked then you want to consider blocking this site - understand that might impact your ability to use sites you like.
Previously, I'd have to dig around in dropdowns to do that. What are the best alternatives of JIRA?

(though it is more than made up by one of the other new features). Google Analytics is our primary tool to get information about what our customers and clients want as services. That lost feeling isn't surprising considering Google doesn't offer nearly the same level of customer support as most of the smaller players I reviewed. I do not have any dislikes about Google Analytics.

They also offer an Enterprise Plan for their product. It is possible to check out about traffic sources, media, content, audience, conversions, atributions, others. If you have and ecommerce, you can setup a few events to help you better understand user behaviour.
Then, there's the rest of the Google Big Data universe: Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, and Cloud SQL, which are part of the Google Cloud Platform. The bottom half of the report has different values, where we are looking at 'Product Revenue' & 'Quantity', and viewing this by 'Product'. It has a steep learning curve but it is an awesome business intelligence tool. It also tells us how much time a user spent on our website and which pages are getting more clicks. Not only can you not apply segments and filters at a 'dashboard' level, you can't do it at a 'widget' level either. ie, we can see which landing pages work best when someone lands direct from search engines). For example, if your site sells 'Sony Laptops' & 'Toshiba Laptops', you can view a trend graph plotting the search traffic you've received for each of those terms. It's free to use and highly popular with companies looking to use both BI and data visualization features.

Individuals and small to medium-sized companies. It has a steep learning curve but it is an awesome business intelligence tool. Deploying Google Analytics leaves training mostly in your hands, which is justifable considering it's a freemium tool.

It's a diverse tool that can give you insights you may not have realized. It's easier to understand where you are. Google Analytics Demo - Analytics Acquisition. This post takes a look at why Google Analytics is changing, then breaks down some of the bigger changes, with screengrabs, comparisons, and a quick guide to the biggest of the new features. The keywords that people search to find my company's site are incredibly helpful.

Just from this simple example, we can answer questions like: These are all things that were available before in Google Analytics, but would require us to spend 30 minutes each and every week drilling through reports to get to them. With the reports that we are able to generate, we are able to support and improve our customer relationship Review collected by and hosted on

Here's a rough example showing how this is displayed now: There's similar functionality in other reports - eg, you can trend traffic from Facebook against Twitter in the 'Referral Traffic' report, or trend the growth in your iPhone traffic vs the growth in your Android traffic over time.

Review collected by and hosted on

The basic problem I solved is learning the browser and OS that the visitors are using.

In an age where companies survive off of click-throughs and other metrics, Google Analytics has become something of a household name in the BI space.

To be safe, install the Google Tag Assistant Recordings tool to instantly check to see if Google Analytics is working correctly on your website.

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