What's best way to answer without autmatically dinging yourself from the process? Then she proceeded to ask me questions like “Do you think you have changed enough?” and “Do you think you should continue to work on it for a while before join the Peace Corp?” I couldn’t argue with her or it would prove her point. This is a pitch to get them to hire you so you can get paid. ", What's your biggest weakness? I cannot work with incompetent/lazy people. I'm a 24 year old analyst with 6 months of banking experience because I was too lazy/unmotivated to figure out the whole finance recruiting thing while still in undergrad. For example, you don't want to touch on points that are critical to working in your profession. I think this one can be viewed poorly, too. When do you plan to start and how are you going to collect questions? I get annoyed easily by people who are incompetent but let the world know that they suck. usually try to work out things on your own without heckling others all the time. In certain circles, it might cause offense to be identified as a weakness, but I would be the type that would think it was great! That's the worst answer possible.

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If it’s a supper stiff interview, maybe something witty might help break the advice. These are people that were NEVER late for decades, and now they’re regularly 20-30 minutes late just because. Financial Samurai is now one of the largest independently run personal finance sites with 1 million visitors a month. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience possible on our site. Our local sports teams are usually pretty bad, so I’ve found it goes over well to joke about not being able to stop watching X teams games, then lead into a work related weakeness which is spun into a positive. Good weaknesses: I am impatient I worry too much about past failures I don't speak up enough. If you negotiate a severance like I did back in 2012, you not only get a severance check, but potentially subsidized healthcare, deferred compensation, and worker training.

This is something I'm aware of and working on. really a strength in disguise). this one helped me get the job. I haven’t had a boss for ten years, but if I had to choose my biggest weakness as an employer it would be that I have let emotion influence some decisions, usually with employee hiring and firing. I’ve gotten this question in every interview I’ve ever had. Actually, I don't take this question too seriously. The woman reviewing my application, who had final say, told me that she asked my references if I was argumentative based on that response. Your email address will not be published. Weaknesses Question (Originally Posted: 10/22/2009). In any case, try to make everything you say unique because everyone else is also looking for the "best way to answer" for weakness. & feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. Impatience is a weakness of mine. 'I can be cautious about taking risks' Some industries value risk more than others, but often being cautious is a 'weakness' that you can use to your advantage. hands down. Would saying something along the lines of being "too ambitious" turn them off? In reply to I've asked a number of by SirTradesaLot. During the interview process, it’s likely that the hiring manager will ask you to describe your strengths at some point. Discovery can be powerful and in order to do so we must look in the mirror without blaming others. VPs spend their lives as the axis between senior bankers and analysts/associates. Perhaps not even monks themselves. Had the same issue with Excel a week back. I’d like to know so I can start to get mine in there and beat the line ;). How to answer: Impatience is a weakness of mine. In reply to Not quite on topic with your by Scott Irish.

For some people, having an interviewer ask them to describe their biggest weakness is their least-favorite part of the interview. Unlock with your email and get bonus: 6 financial modeling lessons free ($199 value). I don't think taking on too many tasks is a weakness, if you say "I take on too many things in my personal life to handle my work life" that may be a deal breaker. "I get a little frustrated sometimes when managing multiple projects, each with separate deadlines, work flows, models, decks, and teams.

3. i am working on it by using my phone alarm to set time limits for things. Second, you're not losing "points" by mentioning a new weakness that the interviewer might not have been aware of.

Sample interview answers when your weakness is: impatience; reluctance to delegate; lack of assertiveness; reluctance to ask for help; technical skills to improve; Choose from these sample answers to the weakness interview question and get ready to impress as an insightful and considered job candidate. 2. have you had to work hard to overcome anything?
I've made mistakes in the past because of my inability to take sufficient time to sit and reflect. fustration is an emotion which is on the road (without sounding too Yoda) to anger etc.. Further, it can be read as a sensitivity along the lines of: "hey, my feelings are effected by others beyond my control [slight hiperbole]". As an interviewer, unless we had good rapport going into the question, I could find myself annoyed with the candidate if they answered something silly about cupcakes. Investment Banking Interview Brainteasers, Interview guide - what is your biggest weakness, Certified Asset Management Professional - Vice President, Certified Consulting Professional - 3rd+ Year Associate, Certified Corporate Development Professional - Director, Podcast: E139: Everett Cook (Rho Business Banking) - 10/20, Financial Modeling Boot Camp -- New York City, 10/21-10/23, Podcast: E140: Rob Petrozzo (Rally Rd) - Investing in your passions - 11/3, Financial Modeling Boot Camp -- New York City, 11/17-11/19, Financial Modeling Boot Camp -- New York City, 12/02-12/04, Tendancy to spin your wheels without asking for help, Often get lost in the details and forget the big picture. No one's perfect. You would be surprised at how few people answer that well for such a softball question. i always say something along the lines of: I sometimes become a little impatient when I'm explaining something to someone and they either don't understand or don't agree with me. i'd be pretty careful with that one. When an interviewer asks you name the top 2-3 weaknesses that you have? And then to put some color around that. With a question like this, try to state the obvious (but not in an insulting tone of course.) For weakness question just bring up something thats not relevant to the job at hand. good answer but i feel personal weakness is too weak.

If it's something that the interviewer can see is a potential weakness of yours, despite giving him/her your best first impression, then mention it!

Yes, if your biggest weakness is very detrimental to your chances of employment, then you need to consider what your biggest weakness is in the current context. e.g. What weaknesses have you been able to make sound convincing, while not negatively impacting your interview? (You can't cure stupidity.) Read my full affiliate disclosure here.

Or just tell them a truth about some weakness which you can't see affecting the job too much and then tell them that you are trying to overcome this by.......... yeah I think everyone who goes to interview is told to push off a strength as a witness, which gets old. it's not very funny. This was a tough question for me to answer.

How do you guys usually answer the

Isn’t the question a bit too intimate, assuming everyone answers honestly?

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