[28], Noise pollution is defined as “regular exposure to elevated sound levels that can be adverse in humans and other living organisms”,and can have negative impacts on the environment and wildlife. My guess is that most occur due to breaking hand or footholds. In all these instances, however, these low numbers could be the product of much fewer numbers of attempts. However, I have not been able to find reliable stats on the ratio of female to male climbers attempting 14ers, or even better, starting out on individual peaks, so it is hard to know a woman's odds of dying are actually slimmer or if the difference is merely proportional. A recent project to "rope off" sensitive areas to prohibit social trails was implemented in 2018 well. Trail education and much needed enforcement of regulations established to protect this popular destination can help address these human and environmental impacts. These three mountains are oft-touted as some of the hardest/most dangerous in the state yet nobody has died on any of them so far this decade. The blossoming popularity of hiking and climbing on Colorado's 14ers has also brought an increase in accidents on these peaks. The view of the Maroon Bells to the southwest from the Maroon Creek valley is very heavily photographed. Powered by, Statistical Analysis of Deaths on Colorado 14ers this Decade (2010-2016), LIST: Ranked Class 5 Peaks over 13,000 feet. Analyzing the cause of death was somewhat challenging. In 2017 Capitol Peak gained notoriety when five people died on its slopes. [29] With an increased number in visitors,noise pollution has become a concern when visiting the Maroon Bells. While every effort has been made to ensure that the data is complete, it is quite possible that some or several accidents have been overlooked. When precipitation forms over peaks like the Maroon Bells, these pollutants fall back to the Earth's surface and can travel into the river and lakes, harming fish, insects, and plants, particularly because of high levels of nitrogen. This page was last edited on 27 September 2020, at 15:43. This again, could partially be a product of their distance from the populous cities of the Front Range, and therefore enjoy a proportionally smaller number of attempts. Or maybe the San Juans are not as fierce or chossy as their reputation makes out. If there was an easier route, that, Another glaring and thought-provoking statistic is the ratio of males to females that have died on Colorado 14ers.

It is expected that 100,000 people will move to Colorado each year for the next two decades. The bus runs from Aspen Highlands to Maroon Lake every 20 minutes. Because the Maroon Bells area receives such high levels of visitor use, the USFS has established a long-term plan to protect and preserve the scenic area and larger wilderness areas. [31], Campsites set up by backcountry backpackers can also lead to soil compaction and reduced vegetative cover, especially in wilderness areas. There are a few glaring details from the above statistics that are immediately apparent. This sort of accident makes it difficult to categorize the accident. While none of these should really come as a surprise, it is interesting to see just how A US Forest Service sign on the access trail warns would-be climbers of "downsloping, loose, rotten and unstable" rock that "kills without warning". U.S. Forest Service officials were concerned about the high nitrogen compound levels in the waters at the Maroon Bells in 2003. One thing is clear, however, is that the majority of 14er deaths involved a fatal fall on a mountain.

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