The red-bellied black snake is a medium-sized venomous snake with a glossy black upper body with striking bright red or crimson sides and belly. However, the red-bellied black snake does have sufficiently toxic venom to cause severe tissue damage. Can you help? Debris laying on the ground can be an issue encouraging snakes close to your home if you have dogs or young children, however sheets of tin and piles of wood are common refuges for a great variety of native frogs, skinks, dragons and invertebrates they feed on too, even small native mammals may use these for cover. Did it climb the stairs? We’ve been told they hibrenate in winter by some but others say that’s not true, that they are more active at night and others say they’re more active during the day. Redbellied snakes breed in the spring or fall and females give birth to 4 – 9 (but up to 23) young, in summer. And what are the chances of that same snake coming back or of another one to be around? Snakes rely strongly on scent to discern what is food – if there was a snake being a trouble feeder, read up on scenting food items, like rubbing skink wee on a mouse, to trick a snake that eats skinks into start eating mice. This one was black but underbelly is whiteish not pink or red.

The snake's shyness and lack of contact with humans makes bites rare.

Your email address will not be published. Apologies for the delay, have recovered my blog following a forced upgrade – my website outlived my website host! Check out your yellow pages to see if there is a snake removalist nearby so you have options should another snake have you concerned.

if you see a baby red belly does that mean its mummy and sibblings are close by as well as i had a baby one in my yard at my back door and when i went to get help it was gone we can not find it and i;m scared lol can you help i think its uits under my hot water system . I have encountered a red belly while bushwalking that I could hear investigating a network of rodent burrows in long grass under lantana (See pic above, “looking for lunch”). I have 2 labradors one of them being a 7 month old puppy. A wildlife rescuer came out yesterday and had a look around but said their job is to come and pick it up not search for it and when we see it again to call them. We have three children and a dog. I have evidence of him climbing which is not a common thing but has been noted by experts.

They feed nearly exclusively on slugs. Yes they indeed they wished they could have been contacted earlier but volunteers are scarce especially at Christmas time.

A captive bred python would give you a great introduction to the hobby (I can even recommened a few python breeders if your interested). We are on a small farm and have rbbsnakes around. If you are concerned about snakes being lured to around your hot water system, when it is out of the hiding area, if safe to do so, blocking any holes the snake was hiding in is a good start, if it is on loose earth, any tunnels would likely have been made by rodents and possibly one more reason the snake is stopping in! We have three children and a dog.

Has it been carried in curled up in something? The red-bellied black snake specializes in eating frogs but they will also eat lizards, mammals, birds and occasionally fish. I have two little girls and two extremely dumb large dogs, so I thought I should find out whether it was poisonous. I saw a snake at 2am Sunday morning just gone – it was in my bedroom (I have a bedroom in a garage). They have been about 10-15 cm in length. does this mean it is something else? Firstly are they born this small and secondly is there normally a mum hanging around. If you havent already, do a certified first-aid course, first-aid for many emergencies, including a snake bite, can save a life. I am not sure what I should do.

The snake at night was possibly an eastern small-eyed snake, but it’s hard to tell from that description.

Lovely photos Pete.

How close exactly do you get to them when you take these pictures? Red-bellied Snake Habitat Range They live in a variety of habitats. Based on the Central Coast, NSW, I live to help with these kinds of challenges, while snakes can be trapped, there are guidelines to ensure their (and your safety). We tried wires, RSPC & the police but couldn’t get any one to come catch it (it went into the bedroom).

Since the mother snake does not tend to her young once she lays her eggs, the newly hatched babies must fend for themselves.

Some photos would help with an ID, please send some through to

You can find them in boreal forests, sphagnum bogs, and northern and southern hardwood forests and adjacent fields. I’ve also heard that it probably isn’t a red belly black snake because they don’t usually come out at night??? He is also a very good climber and uses my lattice work to get up onto the guttering of the annex (about 7ft off the ground) and then he goes into the downpipe which leads to the inlet of the water tank – here he catches green frogs then drags them back out of the pipe (the way he went in) and drops down iwith frog in mouth onto the garden below and hauls his prey off to his den below the tanks. The newborn snakes are seven to 10 centimetres in length and

I expect it is a bit of a stretch in this case that the red belly had entered specifically for the bluetongue, there may be other reasons, including it was just too hot outside and the snake had sought shelter – i’ve relocated many snakes who’ve escaped the intense heat of a summer day in a lovely cool home or garage, one night I recall relocating a red belly at night from someones country home, as it had come in to escape intensely heavy rains that likely flooded a previous hiding place. Blacks do not go around gobbling up all the Brown snakes.

I live in a suburban area of Sydney and have three small children.

Does it mean there will be more of them? Please help. This is def not the first snakes we’ve had in the area I personally usually see one a year but I’m getting a bit paranoid about what I can do to protect my children from the snakes. The chances of another snake visiting are likely, becoming familiar with the snake species in your area can be a great idea – as many are harmless, it can be nice to have these reducing pest populations around your home and chemical free, at no cost. Cheers. Firstly are they born this small and secondly is there normally a mum hanging around. Leaving heat matting, food (a dead mouse) out and water (in a deep wide bowl for example a ceramic dog dish or cheap plastic cat litter tray) would perhaps be better suited to luring out an escaped pet snake than a wild one, especially a red belly as they eat mostly frogs, some reptiles and few mammals. PS. Should the snake be sick or injured, or trapped, local rescue groups and relocators may be able to help, including myself. Hopefully not & hopefully there are no babies in the house either.

I haven’t slept in there but have received lots of different advice including it is probably there under the bed, it probably left the room. Some tips which can help locate lost snakes, include talc on smooth surfaced floors like tiles or timber floors, showing the trails of where the snake might pass between hiding spots.

Helping to aid in decision making, whether to pursue a meal left, or right, or in the case of arboreal species, like pythons, tree snakes & even some elapids. Required fields are marked *. Then I noticed a small frog in its mouth it was an amazing black colour with a super bright red some how still didn’t look real until it moved dropping the frog the snake went under the house and the frog jumped away. Red-bellied snakes breed in the spring or sometimes in the fall. Females incubate the fertilized eggs internally and give birth to four to 14 live young in late summer.

Commercial traps are available, though it may be more practical to lease them from a researcher – as you’d only require them for a short amount of time and likely many of them to improve your chances of success.

I have a garden with plenty of frogs, skinks, a bluetongue, some mice, tall grasses, trees and a pond. Depends on the conditions inside your home, cats, access to shelter, hiding spots and food. The red-bellied black snake has a glossy black top body with a light-grey snout and brown mouth, and a completely black tail. Snakes, however, do have a great sense of smell. During winter there are fewer frogs about to feed on, the bulk of the red-bellieds i’ve seen were on warm days around boggy, frog inhabited areas, especially in the warmer months. The red-bellied black snake is commonly associated with streams, rivers, creeks, swamps and other wetland areas.

Alison sounds like you have a lovely garden visitor, from doing snake rescues have seen a few Common Striped Marsh Frogs regurgitated, which is a reflex from the snake from being trapped while i’m on my way there.

Looks like you made out like a bandit spotting all of those snakes! Red-bellied Blacks definately will eat frogs in the wild, (I can confirm this having relocated one on a rescue recently that regurgitated a half digested striped marsh frog!) I have also been told to put a bucket of water out for it. There are many captive bred pythons on the market such as Stimson’s Pythons that are established feeders (it’s illegal to collect snakes from the wild without a very different kind of permit to your reptile keepers license).

keep a list of phone numbers for your local wildlife rescuers handy, you may have more than one in your area. :S, We caught a snake about 15inches long inside our house last night. Browse 28 red bellied black snake stock photos and images available, or search for tiger snake or tasmanian devil to find more great stock photos and pictures.

I can’t find a picture of the baby rbb’s hence my question. thanks

c: Hi Pete, I have shared my place here in rural SE QLD with a red belly black for about 10 +years now. It one of the most frequently encountered snakes on the east coast of Australia and accounting for approximately 16% of all snake bites.

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