“I don’t really care about all this art” she says at one point. First, there’s the ending of Nocturnal Animals, the book, which author Tony (Jake Gyllenhaal) has sent to his ex-wife, Susan (Amy Adams), for mysterious reasons. She doesn't agree, and calls herself a "fraud.". Detective Andes sends Tony pictures of Turk, but unfortunately, a traumatized Tony can't recognize him. She'd like to meet on Tuesday for drinks. The movie has successfully remained true to the novel.

During the commotion, Ray (Aaron-Taylor Johnson) and Steve drives off with Laura and India while Lou forces Tony to drive the other car into the desert and leaves him there. Through flashbacks, we see her relationship with Edward and how that turns out.
It’s a shame that the screenplay of the movie didn’t get enough recognition. Not really. Detective Andes is able to identify the nearby trailer where it all happened. She tries to break the marriage off by telling him that she wants different things while Edward firmly believes that that’s not true and tries to repair the marriage. Another striking indication of this correspondence is how Tony’s wife Laura, their daughter India, Susan and her real life daughter (Edward is not the father. Andes kills Lou in cold blood. © 2020 Cinemaholic Inc. All rights reserved. Edward, similarly, never gets over his idealized vision of Susan. Turns out, it was not him! While he comforts her in the car, Susan sees a pained Edward watching them. The movie is based on a book called novel Tony and Susan by Austin Wright.

"You sound like your mother," Edward says, heartbroken. Edward wants to be a writer and Susan, although unsure, wants to be an artist. She can't stop thinking about the book, or Edward. Republic World is your one-stop destination for trending Bollywood news.

Even though Edward once saw Susan very differently than she sees herself — she insists she's a cynical pragmatist, while he sees  her as an untapped well of creativity and kindness — it's clear some of his vision transferred over to her. And, both Susan and Ray constantly accuse Edward/Tony of being “nice” and weak. The movie begins with Susan receiving a package from her ex-husband Edward. During the night drive through somewhere isolated in West Texas, the family is being troubled by a gang of three men in a car, Ray Marcus, Lou and Steve Adams.

Imagine seeing your spouse cheat on you right in front of your eyes and not being able to confront that. Tony and Laura are very much in love, while India is a sullen teen glued to her phone. What Happens To Kizie And Manny's Love Story In 'Dil Bechara'? Cookies help us deliver our Services. Nevertheless, let’s analyze the real life-novel correlation and see what/who in real life each of the characters in the novel represents: Tony: Edward (Edward’s good nature, to be more precise). Similarly, in the novel, Ray asks “Why does a nice guy like you hang out with Andes who kill people?” that triggers Tony. Susan also remembers flirting with Hutton shortly afterwards. Jake Gyllenhaal plays a dual role as Susan's writer ex-husband Edward Sheffield, and the protagonist within Edward's novel, Tony Hastings. Amy Adams stars as Susan Morrow, an unhappy art gallery owner. In his book, he has to metaphorically kill her (and their potential child) as well as himself, in order to be rid of what she did to him. She dons a beautiful green dress and heads to the restaurant to wait for him. That’s probably because of the subtleties and the need for interpretations that the film requires. When his life was ruined by the gang, the one person that kept Tony going and supported is Bobby Andes. After much toying, Ray admits the disgusting things he did and his complete lack of regret. There are two different plots in the movie. This inevitably leads to divorce. After watching the film, the fans have been asking about its ending.
Tony Hastings (Jake Gyllenhaal), his wife Laura and daughter India are driving to Marfa, Texas. Imagine regretting every decision of your life and leading a pointless life of an insomniac. Edward's novel and his real-world act of revenge display this truth fully. Aaron-Taylor Johnson’s Ray Marcus and as well as Amy Adams’ Susan are memorable performances as well. But Owing to the seemingly open-ended and abrupt ending, this movie invites a lot of explanations. The screen goes dark on Susan's face as she tries not to cry in public. Her self-concept is totally incorrect: She could have been an artist if she'd really wanted to, and she did a terrible thing to Edward that she will never be able to justify. Additionally, while talking to Edward about how unhappy she is, Susan says “ You’re so wonderful and you’re so sensitive and romantic and..” Edward instantly gets angry and finishes the sentence by saying “ … and WEAK”. There’s a scene in the movie where we see a painting with the text REVENGE on it that confirms this interpretation. Having lost hope in her marriage and her career, a possible rekindling of relationship with Edward seems to excite her. Sounds too petty and lame for a revenge? The novel begins with a family road trip. They find the bodies of his wife and daughter, naked and wrapped in each others' arms on a plush velvet couch. Some of the characters name in the film have been changed from their original story that has been adapted from Tony and Susan. The next morning, Susan receives a package from her ex-husband of 19 years, Edward Sheffield.

It all starts when Susan asks Edward out for dinner.

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