Check in about 6 hours; you should be able to play with the new features. If I look at a photo in OneDrive, instead of being able to open up an information pane to display all the photo metadata, there is now an information icon shown in the bottom right of the window: Clicking/Touching that icon now displays the photo metadata in an overlay instead of in an adjacent pane: I’m really pleased that this support for Tags, and being able to search on them is finally included in OneDrive.

Your suggestions would be much appreciated. As of October 2015, this has now seems to have been fixed. That’s the next step…. I continue to rely on Photo Supreme for all my tagging and metadata (a) because it’s the best tool I’ve found in all the years of looking and (b) because it supports all the industry standards. The tags are working on my one drive app on android but not opening on any browser (including edge) on my windows 10 device . Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. There may well be a lag between files being up in OneDrive and being indexed. I have most of my photos Geotagged and when searching location names some or none results appear. Today, I thought that I would try once again, and this time, to my surprise and delight, there was a result: As you can see from the information pane on the right, the selected photo does indeed have the descriptive tag “clouds” included in the photo metadata. Tags added in OneDrive will now get synced back to your photo metadata. Make sure you click SAVE. I note that it also mentions Face tags, but whether Apple uses the de facto industry standard defined by the Metadata Working Group is debatable. Or would it be better to use, say, Photoshop Elements to tag? While we can’t guarantee any specific features or timelines, we will respond to every suggestion that gets at least 500 votes. I haven’t looked at Adobe’s Photoshop Elements since version 9, but at that time, I had strong reservations about using PE for tagging. All of this information is embedded in each photo by PG in XMP format (a format agreed to by Adobe and Microsoft that is an extension of the EXIF header). Automatically save photos and videos with OneDrive for Android. In July 2013, I was told by a Microsoft project manager: “this work just ranks lower on the priority list than some other things we are doing right now”. Ensure that OneDrive camera roll is enabled. For me, the most obvious way to create an Album is to search on a tag and add the results into an Album. Since over the years I’ve used all manner of synchronization processes (manual mobile device sync, copy/paste from other computers, cloud sync) everything was strewn all over 300 different folders. In one way, it really had to be, because Microsoft has gone back to the drawing board and will be removing the ability to search OneDrive files in the Windows Explorer in Windows 10, at least in the initial release of Windows 10. I have tens of thousands of photos people-tagged by Photo Gallery in addition to subject tags, captions and location. OneDrive’s Camera Upload feature presents an alternate way to back up and sync photos, especially if dealing with iCloud confuses you. All of the information is readily available to OneDrive. The tags use a de facto industry standard (IPTC Core) based on XMP. Shared By column data missing 210; ... Reduce number of pre-defined photo tags in Onedrive photos? In particular: – I don’t have one verry big folder. At the current rate of progress, I wouldn’t be holding my breath. Windows Central @ E3 Contest: Win a copy of Overwatch for Xbox One! ( Log Out /  The Photos apps' ability to sync metadata with OneDrive is going away. The lack of support for people/face tags created by Windows (Live) Photo Gallery is really disappointing. Will OneDrive search for tags made with Elements? Microsoft’s Photo Gallery certainly does create tags in the image metadata that is read by OneDrive (and also Windows 10).

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