For example, a professional association might endorse an educational institution's badge offering (BadgeClass), or an internship supervisor might endorse an Assertion issued to an intern related to workplace professionalism. Standard attachments for pins and badges are: Optional attachments include the post & spring loaded clutch, cuff link, stickpin with protector or magnetic attachment. In this paper we describe the technical aspects of the Open Badges project and the motivation for its creation. These credentials will be represented with a digital image which contains verified metadata that describes an individual’s qualifications and the process required to earn them. Verification — Metadata about the badge, recipient, and issuer are verifiable using one of two available verification methods.

Post published here are duplicate from Microsoft sources. Sun, Huaiyi Cici, Dan Calacci, and Alex Sandy Pentland. Our best price is provided for each job. This feature is on-by-default and requires administrator action to disable. You can always update your selection by clicking Cookie Preferences at the bottom of the page. Generally up to four or five colours are available as standard with Stokes Badges’ metal pins and badges. Each quote is calculated based on your design requirements.

The Open Group is piloting Open Badge, a digital credential, for our professional certification programs.

Issuer — An application that enables the creation of BadgeClasses and the subsequent issuing of Assertions to earners that conform to the Open Badges specification.

Systems are built to enable users to create, issue, and manage Open Badges supporting any or all of the following capabilities: The Open Badges standard (below) is a technical specification that guides the development of these capabilities. Achieving business objectives through technology standards. Accessibility For example, digital badges are used in popular social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook, as well as embedding badges into your own websites, e-mail footers or resumes. Extra colours are available at a slightly higher price.

Finally, developers who wish to write code in a language other than English can build a JSON-LD context file in their preferred language and then encounter badge property names familiar to them and their teams. Alternatively we add colours using enamel paint with an epoxy or baked finish. The price is determined by the following factors: We offer special prices to all state and national sporting bodies and scouts and guides. Get some ideas and see the quality of Stokes Badges’ metal pins and badges.

Your metal badge or pin can be made in a choice of gold, nickel (silver colour), bronze or black nickel metal plating.

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