Packed full of detailed illustrations, beautiful images from the Australian Geographic image library, interesting fact files and information about what snakes eat, where they live, how they see and hear, what their eggs look like and much … 558 0 obj <>stream Australian Snake Bites. )�L���U�ͩ� ��9X6,� "m��HQ) �x D���>�30120Z�d�.%�? א}Q�Jv��������&_��V �O��~[L����8;j�ُ���#BR���ۺa?we�L�z�(i�0����z�岟��h������f��F���D�3R�y�MR^W�����'���l��^Y��������5��6_�K_�}�̳tVC�.ЁE[Ϥl�t�t��E]D�) �8�]��L��[�]��8�-��'���_�ģ)(D��Q8��|D#��B�%�Jq����(E� q�������I|��-�0���p窢[6p����#��n���-r�S�����#�6yԵ�%�� �|�_��:'���. Die Weibchen des Schild-Paradiesvogels belegen mit der abgeworfenen Haut dieser Schlange den Rand ihrer Nester.

e1cH��a=�h��b�C������=����b@�3�`���������H+1H3B��@�� Q�᳚ iU��D��$ V�o��W�CS�Ab�a��� ��H� If you’ve been scratched by a cat, it actually feels 10x worse. D�W+V�gqgP��-�ؠ�2�̑-qp���,o�,Y�`�U�`!�›,"PP�n�����0 � �軙�[ե�N�@Π�FI�S�(�܅�QL����m���LG]���#·�`�z�D�UEWpx�r2���X�-S�X P�Z�z�S�U�.�"�t� There is a chance you might bleed a little bit, but like any minor injury, just washing it with antibacterial soap will clear it right up. %PDF-1.7 %���� h�bbd```b``i���A$�#��D�j�Ez��:X$ L From the gwardar and the python to sea snakes and the red-bellied black snake, slither through the stories of Australia’s most dangerous snakes. Zur Therapie stehen verschiedene Antivenine ('Polyvalent Snake Antivenom (Australia - New Guinea)' und 'Black Snake Antivenom' des Herstellers CSL Limited) zur Verfügung. �h��R�7-N�Q� |�z��Xb�G��Hz�WMK� 0 endstream endobj 426 0 obj <> endobj 427 0 obj <> endobj 428 0 obj <>stream �֎��7JfAz�0����Y�x�j���k�³Wl�T4��[����OFQ>�|R7��y�q�߱W�}�en$+W@������;�8n?���y5��^�h4��m���ER�������(1����x.��P!��Q�L.����Q��-jm� `/���bՏT��Nu�#C�%s8z�y ��ȍw_�]�T.Hq�+�-� 6]8�c�#B�-�*ᭂ�^)ϥ�� ��^�\���BE����� �IP�D� h�^#�H�k��4:��}���|�&ГBn�(&bs����pm#�sD�M�9y D endstream endobj startxref While some deaths occur soon after the bite, it is … Trivia. … As a snake owner and a wildlife rehabilitation volunteer, black snake/rat snake bites don’t hurt.

���'P���t�����H��{m��FZ��02^7X.�o�?C�R2�]CI��S�� A red bellied black snake caught in Brisbane. T he red-bellied black snake (RBBS; Pseudechis porphyriacus) is a frequent cause of snake envenoming in south-eastern Australia.It inhabits most of the coastal and mountainous regions of eastern Australia, extending into parts of South Australia. J�Ko\���6����W�N�����E��% h�b```���J�" cc`a��� �� ����2kc��W�}��nbD�,U�)fl�p$w���r����|�4N�1e��b�`pE�F�Y�p��@���)��DGGGP#�fҀ@.H���h��Dr��bE��2Ǹ/��20p��1caf�a�g�b6��g x&Q;��>u�Q�uj�F�L�S��{�#^*.�z�@EnFu� �X%N�V��HD�h�(��ie�V,iW�L�-��N�zIJ#^UZ�����Z��� ���nxɦG�׈oVZף�k�:���4��b� �A��5ڛ�ڰ�E�,6I��AK����&����a7$��Đ/�y����A+�!jĭ$ۯ�b�a+� j��Bg$j������S�H��&u`��.�R����Ƃ�����n���'�aQ����=�?H�Ib�F�������Q[�el=��^=oc�Y6���l߲��=���j���8-w�ћ�i�r[T������H&�S]�z$bú���[��dlS�P��4ulL��Dġ�h��zơ�=g��l.���sҫ���v.���P��$xF���577���0;)����L��Qw{t��˔������>%�Ÿ��l�8VV�g�S�� �����-X�v�jֲWl��>���sv̦�bc����yє�iyҦQC��G6cg씍�i=g�섍�%;`ؐ���Cv�W�Y�~`?���f�j^���'�{�Ԭ�͢�b�YSb9� �g��qS�?�m�Ս����7�{��G(���3�N��%{���I}Ѱ�.�\T��iɞa��J��^d�#+Z�������/�w�����

In Australia there are about 3,000 snake bites per year, resulting in about 500 hospital admissions (Weldon, 2017).

�Iy0�"٬A$s�4? 1 The RBBS is an “elapid” snake (member of the family Elapidae) with an average length of 1.25 metres, but may be up to 2 …

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