(Throughout my life I've heard stories about people dying who are visited by spirits of loved ones.) She even called 911 one time because seh thought there were cats in her room. AgingCare.com connects families who are caring for aging parents, spouses, or other elderly loved ones with the information and support they need to make informed caregiving decisions. So, back in 2012, I starting seeing weird object-like things out of the corner of my eyes. I am sorry I don't know what to say I wish I could help you out there. Also, she has been on Trazadone for years (I'm not sure how long because she started it years ago when she was living on her own).

It's comforting to know I'm not alone with what is happening. One was wearing a white t-shirt and the other a blue hoodie pull over. I suspect she does because of other behavior but then some days she's very normal, but most of the time she repeats herself over and over and forgets things that just happened. I look, and there's no door where I vividly remember seeing a door. Sometimes I'll remind her that they are dead. Have her thoroughly checked by a her primary doctor to rule out any medical causes for the depression (it could be a low thyroid or B-12 deficiency). Many medications cause hallucinations. Google is good, and also check the information packets that come with the prescribed medications. I just need a few things to get you going. I still can't understand the shadows or voices, sometimes the shadows are like people, and sometimes there real dark flashe. So far her "visions" are harmless. © The psychic medium story Seeing Things Which Aren't There is copyrighted to Katie. For ex. I sometimes see shadows and I don't know if its my imagination or not what do you think it is? and she said "The white monkey". It gave he and I a laugh. So I wouldn't worry about what your mom might "see"... the best we can do is reassure them and try to maintain a sense of humor. I had to hospitalize her but she never totally came back completely, and at that point I noticed that her speech had considerably slowed down and began to slur. If you want to go out of this then just don't mind it and have fun in your normal life, the more you talk with the people in your real life the far you will become go out of this. Apparently she had her window open to let the monkey out.
I can see shadows of doors and boxes when I close my eyes and when I open them. I will turn and look, and nothing will be there. I have taken 50 mg of Trazedone for over 20 years for restless leg syndrome and haven't had any side effects. He confirmed the possibility and explained that Charles Bonnet syndrome is common with macular degeneration. I'm simply stating that if the suggestion that OP might have schizophrenia isn't a good answer, people here can't do anything more. I can take only about 13mg and sleep about 4-6 hours, but Mom feels no effect even on two 50mg tablets! When she stopped, it became more frequent and common. She occasionally imagines dad is in the bathroom, or some other small thing which she realizes when she gets wide awake isn't possible. Hey you "Wiccan_soul", you have opened up your clairvoyant and clairaudience centres.

And, my doctor and Mom's doctor had said that Trazedone to help for sleep is non-addictive. Going back to my inquiry about her vision and macular degeneration - I spoke with my eye doctor about vision problems and hallucinations. I'm sending you and your Mom lots of healthy and supportive thoughts! I'm not sure why she is scared by them but perhaps she blames them for the death when they are only helping the spirit cross over? She wasn't facing me thank god she was walking in a strait line left to right. If you keep your mind relax, open and keep confident then it will help you improve psychic abilities.

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