Due to its gregarious nature, it teaches us to stick together and keep the values of solidarity and mutual assistance in order to overcome our problems. Want to know more? When our spirit animal is the goat, it invites us to leave the flock and follow our own path. When you do eat enthusiastically its rare and unusual foods. Moreover, it calms down and relaxes the mind so that the people who get the cow as a totem can attract riches and positive energies to reassure their mind and eliminate stress. These traits can be easily noticed in any who belongs to the Cancer zodiac sing. Art depictions of Aquarius shows a man pouring water down from the heavens. The motionless and impassive character of the iguana, which suggests a great serenity and grace, points us the path towards peace and composure. Currently you have JavaScript disabled.

Our ancestors believed it protected motherhood and family happiness. When we are assigned the crocodile as a protective animal, it helps us to connect with our unconscious mind and our most thoughtful side so that it becomes a very useful tool for self-analysis and meditation. The Aquarian does keep their head above water in the end, but it takes a long time for those wounds to heal. The mythological origin of the hummingbird goes back to the ancient Mayan culture, according to which it was created as a messenger of the gods, to carry their word from one place to another. It also represents the family unit, loyalty and communication.

Such a patron perfectly suits Virgos who are also empathic and faithful. Without that you may end up with a sad, unruly water bearer ready to rain on your parade. For example, it can survive almost in any conditions. It is specially a symbol of sovereignty and speed, of courage, and also of the world of intuition and mystery. LeoLeos are protected and supported energetically by lions. Moreover, it symbolises the reconciliation between extremes. If you haven't already downloaded the Magic Horoscope App, what are you waiting for? At a deeper level, this is the totem of transformation and intelligence. For example the brightest of the Aquarian stars, beta Aquarii, has the more ancient designation Sadalsuud, meaning luck of lucks. Your most dominant neutral trait is: mature. Moreover, it helps to create underground paths, hiding places and holes.

Gemini spirit animal is a tiny hardworking field mouse.

Want to know more? Virgo spirit animal is the dog. Because food isn’t a focus for the Water Bearer they rarely put on too much weight.

People of that zodiac sign are always ready to assist whether in words or actions. It will help you to do it with serenity and sharpness. Your email address will not be published.

Although it may seem a fragile and vulnerable being, it is actually an animal that is able to increase its strength and that, in group, it can be deadly. They can’t stand a betrayal of any kind and are extremely sincere. A Greco-Roman myth tells us that on Winter Solstice Hades releases Persephone to visit her mother who is an earth and grain Goddess. Once the dawning of an opinion forms it remains firm F.O.R.E.V.E.R. Avoid jobs where you have to work in tight places. If you can be on the move, you won’t job hop so much. Even the best of psychics can’t predict their often radical movements or moods. Capricorn people are usually full of vigor and energy. A clever and strong master of the forest – a bear – is the Taurus spirit animal. Once the rite of initiation is passed, you know what your spirit animal is.

The Libra spirit animal (or insect to be more precise) lives only in a society of its kind and is helpless out of it. Sympathy and trust abounding, Then peace will guide the planets

The spirit animal of Sagittarius is the moose. Symbol: The Water Bearer Pisces (19th February to 20th March)- Fish Pisces, a fish that stays under the cover of comfort. No need to mention that this pet is a symbol of friendship, loyalty and protection. Planet: Uranus (Saturn) As an air sign a talking bird might prove to be a great match. The whale helps us to make a journey to our innermost selves and to awaken our most intuitive sense and our creativity. Its aesthetic beauty and fragility make it a symbol of elegance, beauty, love, life, good things, and the transmission of knowledge and desires.

Moreover, as a spiritual protector and guide, it is very useful to improve our communicative skills and find the path to freedom. It is also a symbol of stability and mystery. Want to know more? Chess is one example as well as certain video games like Minecraft and Civilization. Many born under the Aquarius sign are tall and lean. It not only provides shelter and refuge when we feel exposed but also helps us deal with new projects and tough decisions. For example, it can survive almost in any conditions. In shamanic cultures, this was an animal with great power that helped to connect and communicate with the gods. Besides, snails are believed to possess the energy of tranquility and friendliness. Much like real lions Leo people adore being in the limelight. Each spirit animal is personal and non-transferable, since it mirrors the attributes of our being and, through its protection, helps us evolve and grow. Download our Magic Horoscope App to receive the Prediction on your phone, The 7 Chakras: their Meaning, their Colours and their Stones, What Is the Ouija Board? Guess whose spirit animal is a mysterious, independent and reserved cat?

It helps us to be more fertile, because this is a symbol of what is born of life. Note: Since zodiac signs don't change exactly at midnight, there is a slight chance that your sign could be different than the one listed, particularly if it is …

We have to find a remote and isolated place that has a relaxing atmosphere, which can be made more pleasant with incense and music, and slowly sink in a state of deep meditation. Funny Chinese Zodiac Twin: Tiger It not only teaches us love, gentleness and devotion, but also guides us on the path of friendship and social relationships. Then, we envision the image of an animal, to which we ask for protection. It helps those who are too sensible to find a door to their inner world. Leos are protected and supported energetically by lions.

The cow feeds the human being both physically and spiritually, so in many cultures it represents the beginning of life, wealth and fertility. In feng shui astrology, you have a Chinese zodiac sign based on your birth data. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Participate in this conversation via email, Dream Interpretation, Analysis, & Meanings, Claddagh Ring Meaning, History & How to Wear It. This is the animal closest to the human’s DNA and so, it conveys its intelligence and social skills. Its morphologic transformation from an embryo to its death makes it an animal of transformation. It was a good sign to see a grown-up moose in the woods. When the full moon joined the Water Bearer, the rainy season began. So, the chimpanzee will help you build up your most sociable side and become more communicative and outgoing. If the lion is your totem, it will show you the road to success and the sparkle of life. Think esoteric and you can’t go too far off field. Freedom comes at a cost though. Of course, Scorpios’!

The Libra spirit animal (or insect to be more precise) lives only in a society of its kind and is helpless out of it. Oxen are very quick-tempered and obstinate as well as Aries people. – The 5th Dimension. 1.

It is synonymous with triumph, success, wealth and visual perspective and understanding. Or look to something really unique like an antique coin from a country to which they hope to travel. This is a very useful totem against pessimism and bad thoughts. As well as antelopes, a Capricorn hate being alone and may realize his/her potential in society only.

About the only time a regimented schedule works for Water Bearers is when you get involved in cutting edge fields where your curiosity soars. AQUARIUS (JANUARY 20 – FEBRUARY 18) Aquarius individuals are very playful and love to have fun experiences. This is not the kid who turns up a sour nose at trying calamari, snails or other odd foods. Read the full Aquarius Boy personality profile. Thus, for sure, the spirit animal of Aquarians is a black buck.

So keep a protective eye on your child.

When the crab becomes our spirit animal, it helps us to behave correctly in every stage of our life. FREE APP AVAILABLE: Download our Magic Horoscope App to receive the Prediction on your phone. Read the full Aquarius Child astrological profile. Innovative clothing and accessories appeals too.

Bears won’t attack for no reason, but if infuriated they become cruel and bloodthirsty fighters. Sign up to receive up-to-date horoscope every day. The Water Bearer manages to do this without spilling a drop on other’s dogmas and beliefs. As the Sun changes its positions throughout the year, people born under different zodiac signs have different animal patrons. Chinese Zodiac Twin: Tiger They can’t stand a betrayal of any kind and are extremely sincere. Moreover, like the rest of the wild felines, the panther represents fierceness, power and strength. Spirit animals … Moreover, it has a shell that protects it from predators, so it represents shelter, protection, defence, intelligence, preservation and home’s safety.

Such a patron perfectly suits Virgos who are also empathic and faithful. A person’s spirit animal is identified by the position of the Sun in the starry arch at the very moment of this person’s birth. Of course, Scorpios’!

The concept of spirit animals is related to the ancestral shamanic tradition, whose practice developed the idea that animals are connected to the cosmos and possess qualities and energies that can be transmitted to human beings. If it becomes your totem, you will find yourself at the gates of a change, which you must see as an opportunity for cleansing, purification and evolution. Those born under the Taurus sign are happy to have a serious and powerful patron. It also teaches us to improve our inner discipline.

Our ancestors believed it protected motherhood and family happiness.

VirgoVirgo spirit animal is the dog.

It also meant long life, healing powers and physical strength, as well as the community spirit and the importance of group protection. Our attributes and our attitudes towards life’s challenges, relationships with others, and the environments we thrive in can be oddly similar to how animals handle the same things. This spirit animal, though small and slow, has a number of wonderful qualities. No matter where they sit or stand they have piercing eyes that constantly seek out something new and unusual. AriesAries spirit animal is the ox – a wise and mighty animal that possesses great physical power but often looses control over emotions. People of that zodiac sign are always ready to assist whether in words or actions. Element: Air but with a large Water influence. Are you sure your Zodiac sign lets you drink alcohol? As a solar animal, it represents the value of life and the use of positive mindset to overcome your problems. Their inborn charm, prudence and leadership skills help them achieve any aims. Aquarians are the true star children of the Zodiac. As a guide and protective animal, it will teach you to improve your mental connections and your agility and precision when organizing your life. Let’s start, then. Read the full Aquarius compatibility profile. Wanna get more insight into the events of 2018?

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