One was Ptolemy XIII and the other was Ptolemy XIV.Cleopatra had two brothers named Ptolemy. He was killed while leading the Ptolemaic army against Julius Caesar ’s forces in the final stages of the Alexandrian War. The magnitude of this political masterstroke can be gauged by the fact that Antiochus, before marrying the Ptolemaic princess, had to dismiss his former wife, Laodice.

Not aiming at outright hegemony (even less imperialistic conquest) in the Hellenistic world of the eastern Mediterranean, Ptolemy II tried nonetheless to secure for Egypt as good a position as possible, holding at large his rivals beyond a wide buffer zone of foreign possessions. Thus freed for the moment from Seleucid opposition and sustained by the considerable financial means provided by the Egyptian economy, Ptolemy II devoted himself again to Greece and aroused new adversaries to Antigonid Macedonia. Ptolemy I Soter, (born 367/366 bc, Macedonia—died 283/282, Egypt), Macedonian general of Alexander the Great, who became ruler of Egypt (323–285 bc) and founder of the Ptolemaic dynasty, which reigned longer than any other dynasty established on the soil of the Alexandrian empire and only succumbed to the Romans in 30 bc. Author of. In astronomy, he had the labors of Hipparchus to guide him; and, indeed, scrupulously distinguishes between Hipparchus's labors and his own. He propounded the geocentric theory of the solar system that prevailed for 1400 years.

He also describes the mode adopted by him of projecting the surface of a hemisphere on a flat surface, and shows its superiority over the projections of Eratosthenes, Hipparchus, and Marinus. The unsuccessful course of the military operations was compensated for, to a certain degree, by the diplomatic skill of Ptolemy, who first managed to lure Antigonus into concluding a separate peace (255) and then brought the war with the Seleucid Empire to an end by marrying his daughter, Berenice—provided with a huge dowry—to his foe Antiochus II.

Ptolemy is a name derived from Ancient Greek. Anxious to secure a solid position for, and religious elevation of, his dynasty, the King insisted upon divine honours not only for his parents but also for his sister and wife Arsinoe II and himself as theoi adelphoi (“brother gods”).

He lived in Alexandria in the Roman province of Egypt during the 2nd century and authored several scientific treatises, three of which were of considerable significance to the development of Byzantine, Islamic and European science in later centuries. He lived in the metropolis of Alexandria on Egypt’s Mediterranean coast. Ptolemy then married his sister, Arsinoe II, an event that shocked Greek public opinion but was celebrated by the Alexandrian court poets. 2nd century BC), governor of Coele-Syria and Phoenicia. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Ptolemy. Ptolemy Macron (fl. The Aramaic name Bar Talmai (Greek Bartolomaios and English Bartholomew) may be related.[5]. Ptolemaios is first attested in Homer's Iliad and is the name of an Achaean warrior, son of Piraeus, father of Eurymedon.[4]. The chief of his writings are: Megale Syntaxis tes Astronomias, which, to distinguish it from the next-mentioned, was probably denominated by the Arabs megiste, the greatest, from which is derived the name Almagest, by which it is generally known; Tetrabiblos Syntaxis, with which is combined another work, called Karpos or Centiloquium, from it containing a hundred aphorisms, both works treating of astrological subjects and held by some on this account to be of doubtful genuineness; Phaeis aplanon asteron kai synagoge episemaseion, a treatise on the phenomena of the fixed stars, or a species of almanac; Geographike Hyphegesis, his great geographical work, in eight books.

Other people named Ptolemy or Ptolemaeus Born before 20th century. He further improved his position by arranging for the marriage of his son (and later successor) Ptolemy III Euergetes to the daughter of King Magas of Cyrene, who had proved so far a very troublesome neighbour. If you are 13 years old when were you born?, Fact Monster - People - Biography of Ptolemy II, Virtual Religion Network - Biography of Ptolemy II Philadelphus. Common variants include Ptolemaeus (Latin), Tolomeo (Italian) and Talmai (Hebrew). He also constructed a series of twenty-six maps, together with a general map of the world, in illustration of his work. Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? He propounded the geocentric theory of the solar system that prevailed for 1400 years. Ptolemy II’s record in domestic affairs is no less impressive. 168 AD), a writer, geographer, mathematician, astronomer and astrologer who lived in the Alexandrine Greek culture of Roman Egypt.

Ano ang Imahinasyong guhit na naghahati sa daigdig sa magkaibang araw? The Almagest is divided into thirteen books. Claudius Ptolemy (often called Claudius Ptolemaeus, Ptolomaeus, Klaudios Ptolemaios, and simply …

Nothing is known of his personal history, except that he flourished in Alexandria in 139 AD, and there is probable evidence of his having been alive in 161 AD. Claudius Ptolemy was a Greco-Egyptian mathematician, astronomer, astrologer, and writer. Born: c. 87 ADBirthplace: Alexandria, EgyptDied: c. 150 ADLocation of death: Alexandria, EgyptCause of death: unspecified, Gender: MaleRace or Ethnicity: WhiteOccupation: Astronomer, Cartographer, Mathematician, Nationality: Ancient RomeExecutive summary: Egyptian geographer and astronomer.

As a geographer Ptolemy occupies a similar position to what he holds in astronomy; he appears before his readers as the corrector and improver of the works of a predecessor, Marinus of Tyre, about whom, except from Ptolemy's writings, little is known. Under Ptolemy’s supervision and with the help of Greek administrators, this system developed into a kind of planned economy. Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator, (Greek: “Ptolemy the Father-Loving God”) (born 62/61—died 47 bc, near Alexandria), Macedonian king of Egypt and coruler with his famous sister, Cleopatra VII.

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Ptolemais is formed from this name by the Greek feminine adjectival ending -i(d)s. Ptolemy commonly refers to Claudius Ptolemaeus (ca. The kings of this dynasty, the first of which was Ptolemy I Soter (303–282 BC), were all named Ptolemy, as were several other members of the dynasty. Ptolemy II Philadelphus, (Philadelphus in Greek: “Brother-Loving”) (born 308 bce, Cos—died 246), king of Egypt (285–246 bce), second king of the Ptolemaic dynasty, who extended his power by skillful diplomacy, developed agriculture and commerce, and made Alexandria a …

Taking advantage of the difficulties of the rival kingdoms of the Seleucids and Antigonids, Ptolemy II extended his rule in Syria, Asia Minor, and the Aegean at their expense and asserted at the same time his influence in Ethiopia and Arabia.

Ptolemy was born on 85 A.D Cleopatra had two brothers named Ptolemy. Pagkakaiba ng pagsulat ng ulat at sulating pananaliksik?

Ptolemy, a celebrated astronomer and geographer, whose proper name is Claudius Ptolemaeus, was a native of Egypt, though it is uncertain whether he was born at Pelusium or Ptolemais in the Thebaid. Ptolemy II became a master at the fiscal exploitation of the Egyptian countryside; the capital, Alexandria, served as the main trading and export centre. While the Macedonian forces were bogged down in Greece, Ptolemy reasserted his influence in the Aegean, making good the setback suffered during the Chremonidean War. The name Ptolemaios varied over the years from its roots in ancient Greece, appearing in different languages in various forms and spellings: The name Ptolemy spread from its Greek origins to enter other languages in Western Asia during the Hellenisation that followed the conquest of the known world by Alexander the Great. Surrounding himself with a host of court poets, such as Callimachus and Theocritus, he expanded the library and financed the museum, a research centre founded as a counterweight to the more antimonarchial Athenian schools. Ptolemy XIII Theos Philopator (The Father-loving God, born 62/61 BCE, died 47 BCE) was pharaoh of Egypt from 51 BCE until his death.His reign began as co-ruler with his sister, the famous Cleopatra VII, following the wishes of their father, Ptolemy XII Auletes.Ptolemy battled with Julius Caesar for control of Egypt but was defeated at the Battle of the Nile in 47 BCE. The kings of this dynasty, the first of which was Ptolemy I Soter (303–282 BC), were all named Ptolemy, as were several other members of the dynasty. The rest of his works are of inferior importance, and consist of descriptions of various kind of Projections, the thory of the musical scale, chronological and metaphysical treatises, and a summary of the hypotheses employed in his great work, the Almagest.

Although a new war with the Seleucids (from 274 to 270) did not affect the basic position of the rival kingdoms, the so-called Chremonidean War (268?–261), stirred up by Ptolemy against Antigonus II Gonatas, king of Macedonia, resulted in the weakening of Ptolemaic influence in the Aegean and brought about near disaster to Ptolemy’s allies Athens and Sparta.

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